Ballet in 3 acts
Running time:
2 hours 15 minutes. Presented with two interval.
Karen Khachaturyan
Libretto by Gennady Rykhlov based on Gianni Rodari’s fairy tale "The Adventures of Chipollino".
Staging edition by Genrikh Mayorov.
The premiere on the Kyiv stage took place on January 29th, 1995.
  • Scenographer:
  • Anatolii IKONNIKOV
Act 1
The square of a fairy tale city. It seems as if there are vegetable baskets and fruit crates around. In fact, these are large and small houses in which vegetables and fruits live, which are very reminiscent of people...
Morning. Two families meet in the square - the Radishes and Onions. Mother Chipolla and Father Chipollone occasionally make comments to the restless Chipollino, who is tired of looking after his sister Chipollete. Nearby, cobbler Grape repairs shoes. Godfather Pumpkin is looking for bricks to build a house for himself. Professor Pear plays the violin.
Suddenly, Signor Tomato bursts into the square and reports that Prince Lemon himself will soon arrive, who wishes to address his people. The prince has passed a new law: everyone is obligated to pay for the shining of the sun, the falling of the rain, and the blowing of the wind.
The people are outraged, and Chipollino steps on Lemon’s foot. The guards are in a panic - the Prince has been scorned! The "rebel" must be punished. But he disappears. The guards arrest old Chipollone.
Not just the Onion family is sad. It is also not easy for Pumpkin - he is not able to build a house by himself. But the inhabitants of the city, led by Chipollino, help him. As soon as construction was complete, Signor Tomato once again appears. He nearly burst with anger when he saw the house: after all, this land belongs to Countess Cherry! And no one dares to build something here. In addition, Tomato recognized among the gathered "the main rebel". But Chipollino showed greater agility than his pursuer.
Prince Lemon’s guards destroy Pumpkin’s house. No one can comfort the old man. Chipollino decides to take revenge on the offenders.
Act 2
Suddenly Cherry meets Chipollino and Little Radish. He shows them the palace. Chipollino, looking for the dungeon where Lemon threw the old Chipollone, almost falls into the hands of Signor Tomato.
Countess Cherry begins a ball in honor of Prince Lemon. The guests are having fun; meanwhile the friends are releasing the old Chipollone.
Act 3
The pursuit. Lemon’s guards and the police are searching everywhere for the fugitives. Chipollino hides his father, and then Little Radish, but he himself is surrounded by the guards and thrown into the dungeon.
The castle is quiet. Cherry and beautiful Magnolia are searching for Chipollino. With her stupefying aroma, Magnolia lulls the guards, and now their friend is free.
Prince Lemon is satisfied: Chipollino is awaiting reckoning. So what is this? The guards are tied up, and the dungeon is empty. The furious prince orders that the city be bombarded with cannon fire. However, Chipollino along with his friends pushes Prince Lemon himself into the cannon.
The smoke from the shot cleared. There is no Lemon, no cannon, and no guards. In the square there is joy, and happy smiles. From now on, everyone will live in peace and harmony. A new city will grow under the warm sun and blue sky. A city of friends.