Artistic Direction
Ballet Art Director
  • ФІЛІП’ЄВА  Олена
  • "Лебідь", К. Сен-Санс
  • У партії Гамзатті в балеті Л. Мінкуса Баядерка. Ая - Н. Маленко.
  • У партії Килини в балеті М. Скорульського "Лісова пісня".
  • У партії Шехеразади в однойменному балеті М. Римського-Корсакова. Шахріар - С. Литвиненко.
  • У партії Марини в балеті М. Теодоракіса "Грек Зорба".
  • У партії Егіни в балеті А. Хачатуряна "Спартак". Красс - Я. Ваня.
  • У партії Медори в балеті "Корсар" А. Адана.
  • У партії Клари в балеті "Віденський вальс" на музику Штраусів.
  • ФІЛІП’ЄВА  Олена
People's Artist of Ukraine (1993).
Laureate of International Ballet Competitions - in Moscow (1989, 3rd prize), St. Petersburg (Maya Competition, 1994, gold medal), Japan (Nagoya, 1996, silver medal; 1999, silver medal).
Olena Filipieva is a full Knight of the Order of Princess Olga, awarded the Order of Prince Yaroslav the Wise, 5th degree, as well as part of the International Order of Saint Stanislaus.
She graduated from the Kyiv Choreographic School (1988).
She is a ballet soloist of the National Opera of Ukraine named after Taras Shevchenko since 1988. Combined - a rehearsal coach.
Since September 2020 - the Artistic Director of the Ballet of the National Opera of Ukraine.
Roles: Odette-Odile, Aurora, Clara ("Swan Lake", "Sleeping Beauty", "The Nutcracker") by P. Tchaikovsky), Kitri, Nikiya, Gamzatti ("Don Quixote", "La Bayadère" by L. Minkus), Giselle, Medora ("Giselle", "Le Corsair" by A. Adam), Sylphide in the ballet of the same name by H. Levenshold, Juliet, Cinderella ("Romeo and Juliet", "Cinderella" by S. Prokofiev), Lise ("La Fille Mal Gardee (Vain Precautions))" by L. Herold), Zobeide ("Scheherazade" by N. Rimsky-Korsakov), Suzanne ("The Marriage of Figaro" by W.-A. Mozart), soloist in "Suite in White" by E. Lalo, Aegina ("Spartacus" by A. Khachaturian), Mekhmene Banu ("The Legend of Love" by A. Melikov), Mavka, Kilina ("The Forest Song" by M. Skorulsky), Lileya in the ballet of the same name by K. Dankevych, Carmen ("Carmen Suite" by G. Bizet - R. Shchedrin), Girl ("Symphonie Fantastique" to the music of H. Berlioz), Oksana ("The Night Before Christmas" by E. Stankovych), Margarita ("The Master and Margarita"), Marina ("Zorba the Greek" by M. Theodorakis), Zoreslava ("The Lord of Borysthen") E. Stankovych), Crow ("The Snow Queen" to the music of P. Tchaikovsky and other composers) as well as others.
The ballerina's partners on stage have been Nikolai Tsiskaridze, Farukh Ruzimatov, Alexander Vetrov, Alexei Fadeyechev, Patrick Dupond and many other famous dancers.
She has toured in Japan, Canada, USA, Mexico, Brazil, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Norway and many other countries.