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Ballet-fairy tale in 2 acts
Beginning: 20.10.2019 - 12:00
Completion: 14:00
The Nutcracker
Pyotr Tchaikovsky
The Nutcracker
Libretto by M. Petipa based on the fairy tale of the same name by E. Hoffmann.

The premiere of this edition of the ballet on the Kyiv stage
took place on December 30, 1986.

Students and attendees of the College of Choreographic Art 
"Kyiv Municipal Dance Academy named after Serge Lifar"
take part in the New Year's performances.
Act 1
Guests are gathering for the Stahlbaum family’s New Year's party. Among them, the children’s favorite - Drosselmeyer. The children impatiently wait for when the tree is filled with colorful lights. The wizard enters. He prepared a gift for the children - a puppet theater. In front of them are dolls - Columbine, Harlequin, and Saracen. The children are delighted. The wizard takes off his mask, and everyone sees that it is Drosselmeyer. Clara and Fritz - the Stahlbaum children - beg to be given the dolls, but they have already been taken away. Drosselmeyer, trying to calm the children, gives them a funny Nutcracker. Fritz takes the doll from Clara and inadvertently breaks it. With tenderness, Clara consoles the crippled Nutcracker and puts him to bed.
Guests dance the grandfather dance and disperse.
Night. The room where the tree stands seems mysterious, enchanted. Overcoming fear, Clara came to look at the "ailing" Nutcracker. She looks at the clock and is horrified to see that at midnight the owl on them has turned into Drosselmeyer, who looks on with an everyday smile. At the behest of the magician appear mice, led by their king. Clara wants to escape, but strength leaves her. She gets to the tree - the mice disappear. The Christmas tree starts to grow to huge proportions. Everything around is changing. Suddenly the mice and their King reappear. A tin soldier raises the alarm. Brave Nutcracker boldly commences the battle. But the forces are unequal. The Nutcracker is left alone. Clara, seeing that her darling is in danger, takes a slipper and throws it at the King of mice with all her might. Frightened mice scatter. Only one Nutcracker is left lying on the floor. Clara runs up to him. Suddenly a miracle happens. In front of her is a beautiful young man, the Prince Nutcracker. He looks at Clara gratefully. The room turns into a winter forest. In the magical dance, light snowflakes whirl. Clara and the Nutcracker Prince are drawn to each other like a magical dream, a star twinkling on the Christmas tree. They get into a fairytale boat and set off traveling to the summit.
Act 2
Clara and the Prince's journey continues. They almost reach the top of the tree, but the mice are catching up with them. The Nutcracker boldly enters the battle and wins.
* * *
Clara and the Prince reach the kingdom of dolls. They are met by twelve pages. The prince tells everyone about his adventures, about how Clara saved him. The dolls celebrate her noble deed. In honor of Clara and the Prince, the kingdom of dolls arranges a big celebration. The lovers are happy to achieve their dreams!
* * *
Morning. New Year's Eve is over, and with it, the fairytale spell and Clara's beautiful dream have disappeared. She is home again, and in front of her is the Nutcracker doll.