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Ballet in 2 acts
Beginning: 31.10.2019 - 19:00
Completion: 21:00
Alexander Glazunov
Libretto by Viktor Yaremenko and Yuri Stanishevsky
based on the medieval knightly legend and the script of
Lydia Pashkova and Marius Petipa.
Musical edition and choreography by Viktor Yaremenko.
The mysterious White Lady, the protector of the noble family of the young Countess Raymonda of Doris, appears in the moonlight over the ancestral family castle. She always comes here at the most difficult moments in the life of the inhabitants of the castle, in order to protect them from danger, mistakes, and to keep calm in the family. Now her appearance is associated with a very important event in the fate of the beautiful Raymonda - the choice of her groom. The White Lady, the keeper of family traditions and secrets, seeks to help and protect her from seduction. She tells the story of a medieval knightly legend praising nobility, love, and fidelity to duty.
Act 1
Friends, noble ladies, and troubadours come to the castle to congratulate Raymonda on her birthday. The young knight Jean de Brienne, who became famous for his achievements in war, came to congratulate his fiancé and say goodbye before his military campaign. The seneschal informs the guests of the appearance of Countess Sybille, who, having congratulated Jean de Brienne, reports that Raymonda will appear. Countess Sybille gives her niece a wedding dress and brings Jean de Brienne to her. The groom confesses his feelings and hands Raymonda a light white scarf.
King Andrew II of Hungary appears with his retinue. He salutes Raymonda and blesses the knights for their exploits. In honor of the young mistress of the castle, the guests dance a waltz. Among them is Raymonda, who shines with happiness and joy. Knights, led by Jean de Brienne, swear allegiance to their homeland and march on. Countess Sybille and Raymonda accompany them.
Her friends are trying to distract Raymonda from sad thoughts and reassure her. The white scarf reminds the girl of Jean de Brienne's love.
Suddenly, like a whirlwind, the proud and imperious Saracen knight Abderakhman flies into the hall, having heard a great deal about the beauty of Raymonda, and came to present expensive gifts to her for her birthday. Having fallen in love with Raymonda at first sight, the Saracen, contrary to court etiquette, ardently admits his passionate feelings. His explanation frightens and at the same time fascinates the girl, causing unfamiliar feelings in her soul. Abderakhman gives her a fiery red, jewel-covered scarf and quickly disappears.
The guests disperse. Confused and at a loss, Raymonda turns to Countess Sybille for advice. However, she is no less confused than her niece, in whose hands are two scarves - white and red. Raymonda presses them to her heart, not knowing which of the knights to give preference to. Sybille reassures the discomposed Raymonda, and her friends bring a lute to entertain the girl. However, Raymonda is not up to the fun.
Tired of agitation and worries, she falls asleep in an armchair. Submerged in the darkness, the castle’s courtyard is immediately illuminated by the moon. The White Lady appears. Raymonda, as if spellbound, rises from her chair and holds out her two scarves to get an answer, which of the two knights will be her chosen one. “The one your heart chooses!” the protector replies.
The White Lady leads Raymonda into the world of magical dreams. A wave of a white scarf - and in front of them stands a fantastic garden, shrouded in mist. The mist dissipates, and Raymonda sees Jean de Brienne surrounded by young maidens. She rushes to her fiancé, but he is majestic and restrained in his feelings for her. Another moment, and Jean de Brienne would melt in the mirage of mist. Raymonda wants to stop her fiancé, but he disappears.
The White Lady waves the red scarf. In front of Raymonda, Abderakhman appears. Their duet is full of passion. The maidens surround them, trying to separate them. But Raymonda and Abderahman are drawn to each other again and again. The White Lady waves the white scarf. The visions disappear...
The first rays of the sun awaken Raymonda, to whom Countess Sybille hurries. She hugs and soothes her niece perturbed by the dreams.
Act 2
The main hall of the castle. Raymonda and Sybille, along with the maids of honor, pages, and friends, are preparing a magnificent court celebration in honor of the victory of Jean de Brienne. The guests arrive - noble ladies and lords from the surrounding castles, friends, and troubadours. Everyone is waiting for the hero to return.
Fanfare sounds. Raymonda hurries to the door, but there is a guest in front of her who was not expected - Abderakhman.
According to court etiquette, Countess Sybille kindly invites the Saracen knight, whose numerous mail fills the hall. Ignoring all, Abderakhman offers Raymonda his hand and heart.
Raymonda is confused. A sense of duty on the one hand, and the perseverance of the beautiful Saracen, who promises her a luxurious life and enjoyment, sow confusion in her heart.
Without hesitation, Abderakhman wraps the girl in a red scarf and tries to take her with him. Jean de Brienne and King Andrew II appear with the knights who have just returned from the campaign. Between the Saracens and the knights, a brawl erupts. By imperious gesture, the king stops the battle and offers Jean and Abderakhman to resolve the dispute in a knightly duel.
Happiness seems to be on the side of the Saracen. Another moment - and Jean de Brienne will be defeated. Suddenly, the White Lady appears, which inspires the knight with power. Jean deals a mortal blow to his opponent. The alarmed Raymonda rushes to Abderakhman. Surprised, Jean holds out his hand to his fiancé, but she turns away from him. The White Lady envelops the young countess's shoulders with a white scarf, and Raymonda immediately forgets Abderakhman. The king joins the hands of the lovers.
Countess Sybille and King Andrew II greet guests at the wedding of Raymonda and Jean de Brienne, who carried their love through difficult trials.
The White Lady appears above the castle.