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Ballet in 3 acts
Beginning: 29.10.2019 - 19:00
Completion: 21:45
Aram Khachaturian
Screenplay by Mykola Volkov and edited by Yury Grigorovich.
The premiere on the Kyiv stage took place on May 17, 1977.
Act 1
Scene 1
TRIUMPH. Slave-holding, aristocratic Rome is met with a triumphant procession of legionaries who returned from another bloody war led by the brutal commander Crassus. After his campaigns, there only remains scorched earth and thousands of prisoners. Among them are Spartacus and Phrygia.
In front of the triumph are the oppressed slaves, and only the figure of Spartacus rises above everyone, like a monument.
MONOLOGUE OF SPARTACUS. The manly Thracian Spartacus is full of pride and dignity. He is noble, self-confident, and decisive. Spartacus is freedom-loving and does not want to submit to the laws of slavery.
Scene 2
THE SLAVE MARKET. Prisoners are held in front of the stands of the wealthy Roman patricians. They are sold by Lentulus Batiatus. Men and women are separated in order to be more profitable to sell. They take his Phrygia from Spartacus. Not wanting to part with his beloved, the Thracian, pushing past the guards, rushes to the girl, but separation is inevitable.
MONOLOGUE OF PHRYGIA. Her grief is boundless - her beloved has become a slave. She herself, not only a slave of Rome, but also of the one who will now buy her, and will forever take the place of Spartacus.
PROSCENIUM. Meanwhile, the Roman legionnaire subjugators are going to celebrate their victory. Crassus’s concubine Aegina is searching everywhere for her master. Upon finding Crassus, she greets him.
Scene 3
THE ORGY OF CRASSUS. In the palace of Crassus, the Roman legionnaires celebrate victory. The dancing of the Etruscan slaves enhances the feast’s atmosphere of revelry. Gradually, the fun develops into an orgy, a real bacchanalia. Only gold, power, and wine are important. But this is not enough. You need the blood of slaves to ignite your own blood.
Crassus stops the festivities: now the gladiators will fight. The one who wins, wins his life. Blindfolded gladiators must fight to the death. Among them is Spartacus. Seeking blood, the crowd demands the death of a young gladiator wounded by Spartacus. At the risk of his own life, Spartacus refuses to kill a comrade. The crowd is outraged, but Crassus, at the request of Aegina, spares the slave’s life.
Scene 4
THE BARRACKS OF THE GLADIATORS. Mortally wounded, the young gladiator dies in the arms of Spartacus. All of the slaves understand what awaits each of them: the gladiators are doomed to die at the hands of their comrades for the pleasure of the patricians.
MONOLOGUE OF SPARTACUS. The resolute and courageous Spartacus calls on his fellow gladiators to break the chains and escape from slavery. Better death on the battlefield than the life of a slave.
An oath of allegiance answers the call of Spartacus. His like-minded friends - they are ready to give their lives in the struggle for freedom! However, only a group of desperate daredevils manage to break through the guards of the barracks.
Act 2
Scene 1
THE APPIAN WAY.  The rebels erupt into the peaceful night of the shepherds. Not only the shepherds respond to Spartacus’s call to join them - the handful of daredevils are joined by a deluge of slaves. Spartacus is declared their leader.
MONOLOGUE OF SPARTACUS. There is no limit to the extent Spartacus will go for his beloved Phrygia. Where is she? She must be found and released.
Spartacus finds Phrygia. There is the great joy of people who love each other meeting. But even next to his beloved, Spartacus cannot be happy - he must lead the army of liberated slaves in order to restore freedom to thousands of people.
PROSCENIUM. Meanwhile, the rich Romans gather at a feast with Crassus.
Scene 2
THE BANQUET OF CRASSUS. Wealthy patricians glorify Crassus - the earthly god on the Olympus of his power and victories. Crassus wants to conquer the whole world for himself, and Aegina wants Crassus. He seeks his own strength and cruelty, she - cunning and treachery. However, they have one goal - power, fame, and wealth. And suddenly terrible news interrupts the festivities - the palace was surrounded by the soldiers of Spartacus. The illustrious generals run away, as do Crassus and Aegina seized by horror.
Scene 3
THE DEFEAT OF CRASSUS. The captured Crassus is led to Spartacus. The patrician recognizes the former gladiator. The rebellious slaves want to kill the Roman commander. And Spartacus invites him to redeem his life as the gladiators did on his orders, but in an open battle, without masks. The rebels are not killers, but warriors. Crassus cannot overcome Spartacus, who has come against him. The Thracian drives off Crassus completely: he despises him.
Act 3
Scene 1
CONSPIRACY. Crassus vows to cruelly take revenge on the slaves who put him on his knees. He gathers troops against the rebels. Aegina offers her master an insidious plan - to assemble a no less strong “army” of courtesans and, having penetrated the ranks of Spartacus’s men, to corrupt them and thereby neutralize at least part of the army of rebellious slaves. Crassus approves of the conspiracy plot.
Scene 2
CAMP OF SPARTACUS. Phrygia is anxious about the fate of her beloved. She foresees misfortune with her devoted heart. Many are afraid of the brave and dangerous decision of the leader. In the ranks of the rebels, disorder sets in. A group of military leaders decides to fight separately from the units of Spartacus.
MONOLOGUE OF SPARTACUS. Spartacus knows that the rebels are losing the battle - the discord between the superiors weakens their army. The leaders who remain faithful swear allegiance to the cause. Better death in battle than life in shackles.
PROSCENIUM. On the road, which part of Spartacus’s army is heading for, is Aegina with her “army” of courtesans.
Scene 3
TRAP. The courtesans surround the gladiators. At least a little, surrender to the joys of life! Wine, beautiful women - and the faint of heart, without suspecting it, fall into the trap. They are captured by the forces of Crassus. Only now have the military leaders realized the tragedy of their betrayal of Spartacus. Prisoners with their heads proudly raised for execution - they will be crucified on crosses.
MONOLOGUE OF CRASSUS. Spartacus will pay with death for giving Crassus the gift of life. The patrician will not forget his humiliation, the slight of the slaves. Crassus will catch up with the weakened army of Spartacus and destroy it.
Scene 4
THE LAST BATTLE. The legionnaires of Crassus surround the squad of Spartacus. In an unequal battle, the ranks of his faithful companions are melting. Spartacus fearlessly throws himself at the Roman mercenaries. The Roman warriors are increasingly squeezing the deadly circle. Here the bold Spartacus finds his death.
The disappointed grief of Phrygia, who came to the battlefield. Together with her, all will always mourn the freedom of her hero, who rebelled against slavery. Immortality belongs to his name and feat.