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Ballet in two acts
Beginning: 13.10.2019 - 12:00
Completion: 13:30
Yuri Shevchenko
Libretto by Edward Yavorsky, Victor Litvinov and Yuri Shevchenko
after A.Tolstoy
"The Golden Key or The Adventures of Buratino"





Scene I


A new performance is beginning at the theatre owned by Karabas-Barabas…

Galop, galop, galop… Karabas-Barabas and his puppet-actors rush through the stage. Alice the Fox and Basilio the Cat with a beautiful doll Malvina and her poodle Artemon appear among the others. The dance becomes more and more dynamic. Barabas urges his tired actors to dance on and on, till they are exhausted. Tender Malvina can not bear such a furious pace and falls down.

The performance is ruined. Karabas-Barabas becomes very angry. Alice the Fox and Basilio the Cat drag the broken doll Malvina out of the stage.


Scene II


Daddy Carlo is examining the pretty dolls hanging on the walls of his workshop. The sound of magic waltz makes the master imagine his puppets performing on the stage of his Dream Theatre.

But there is no time to dream. Daddy Carlo has something to do. Here is a log and here are his instruments. The master sets himself to work. “Oh! Oh! A-a-ah! Take care!” The log is moaning, screaming and shouting in master’s hands. Suddenly the log turns into a boy.

At the sound of a magic violin Buratino comes to life! The boy makes his first steps. His happy father teaches him to move around. In the meantime tired and angry Alice the Fox and Basilio the Cat bring in the poor broken Malvina and carelessly throw her to the floor. Daddy Carlo is mending the doll.

Buratino joyfully looks around. The workshop is so interesting! Especially for a fidgety boy like him! He explores every corner, he puts his long nose into the narrowest chink. Buratino tries on every costume he sees, he imagines himself an actor performing different parts.

Daddy Carlo returns, bringing in the mended doll. Malvina will  be back to the stage. But she has to learn to move anew. Her first steps are uncertain. Buratino helps her. Step by step Malvina gets back her former grace. Now the pair is dancing together. 

Alice the Fox and Basilio the Cat appear at the workshop to take Malvina back to Karabas-Barabas’s theatre. Upset Buratino follows them.

Enter Daddy Carlo. He is in despair: Buratino and Malvina are gone.


Scene III


A choreography lesson at a ballet school owned by Karabas-Barabas. “One, two… one, two…” The puppets are practicing at the ballet bar. The dull lesson turns into fun, when a new pupil, Buratino, joins the class. He mocks everybody, he tells jokes and amuses the actors of the puppet show.

Buratino is making his debut at Karabas-Barabas’s theatre. The puppets dance the quick galop on stage. Buratino, the most favorite actor, is in the center of attention.

Alice the Fox and Basilio the Cat play mean tricks on the puppets. But Buratino spoils all their plans. He persuades his friends to escape from the theatre, where they are being treated so badly.

Karabas-Barabas and his accomplices seek for the runaways.




Scene I


Karabas-Barabas and his accomplices are about to catch the runaways. But Buratino and his friends are smart.

A roadside inn. A maid is laying tables for the guests. The Inn-keeper, a fat, stout lady, appears with a loud crash. Buratino and his friends run in and hide themselves behind the Inn-keeper’s wide skirt. The next moment their pursuers rush in. But Karabas-Barabas suddenly becomes stiffen with astonishment, he is fascinated with the stout Inn-keeper. And she seems to notice him too.

Buratino kicks Karabas-Barabas. But Karabas is blind with love and doesn’t react to the wooden boy’s tricks. This little man with a long beard is totally changed: a furious lion has turned into a tender kitten.

The whole company goes in peace together to Daddy Carlo’s Dream Theatre.


Scene II


Enter Daddy Carlo, playing a violin. The music of his magic instrument enchants everybody. The melody leads to the realm of dreams, it opens even those hearts, which not long ago were closed for anything good.

At the sound of the magic waltz the Dream Theatre is opening its doors to the characters. All the former actors of Karabas-Barabas’ theatre are here. They join prankish Buratino and beautiful Malvina, Alice the Fox, Basilio the Cat and Karabas with the Inn-keeper.