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Opera in 2 acts
Beginning: 27.10.2021 - 19:00
Completion: 21:15
Sung in Italian
L'elisir d'amore
Gaetano Donizetti
L'elisir d'amore

Libretto by F. Romani.

Premiered on the stage of the Kyiv Opera on June 26, 2009.

Act 1
Scene 1
The poor rural peasant Nemorino is completely in love with his rich fellow villager Adina. The girl is not completely indifferent to her fellow countryman, although so far she only laughs at him, much like at her other admirers.
Resting after working in the field, the girls and Giannetta ask Adina to retell the ancient legend of Tristan and Isolde, which she had just read. This is how Nemorino learns about the miraculous elixir of love that, after Tristan having drunk enough of it, causes Isolde to instantly fall in love with him. The fellow decides to find this elixir of love at all costs.
Soldiers enter the village under the command of Sergeant Belcore. The dashing sergeant’s attention is immediately drawn to the beautiful Adina, which makes the unfortunate Nemorino jealous.
Belcore is not intent on waiting long: let Adina appoint a wedding day immediately! The girl does not like the sergeant's overconfidence and she rejects his courtship.
Left alone with Adina, Nemorino confesses his love to her, but the frivolous and capricious girl does not take his feelings seriously. He is not a match for her.
Scene 2
As if having heard Nemorino’s plea, the wandering doctor Dulcamara appears in the village - he offers a “cure” for all diseases. He has a magic elixir - a love potion. And it does not cost very much at all. The charlatan solemnly presents the lover with a bottle of an elixir, which in a day should attract the heart of the unapproachable beauty.
Not realizing that it is a bottle of ordinary wine, Nemorino’s hopes are fulfilled, and after tasting the elixir, he grows noticeably bolder. Adina is outraged: her timid admirer is behaving too audaciously! She decides to teach him a lesson.
Suddenly, the sergeant is ordered to leave the village in the morning. Annoyed by the behavior of Nemorino, who is indifferent, Adina agrees to get married even today. Nemorino immediately sobers up. Realizing that he is forever losing his beloved, the unfortunate fellow asks her to wait on the wedding for at least until tomorrow. But the overjoyed sergeant is already inviting everyone to the wedding feast.
Act 2
In the courtyard in front of Adina's house, guests have gathered. A notary came as well. All greet the newlyweds. The sergeant is embarrassed: Adina hastened the wedding, but now she is in no hurry to sign the marriage contract.
Nemorino is in despair, because he could lose Adina, he does not have enough time to conquer the girl! Having seen Dulcamara at the festival, he rushes to him for help. The doctor advises continuing the course of "treatment" with the magic elixir. But the fellow does not have money for another bottle, and he must act quickly, because Dulcamara is going to leave. To get money, he has to enlist with the soldiers, enrolling in the regiment of his rival.
Meanwhile, thanks to Giannetta, news of the death of Nemorino’s uncle had spread throughout the village, him having left a great inheritance to his nephew.
However, Nemorino, having secured a second helping of the love potion from the quack doctor, does not know of those latest events. He is happily expectant. And indeed: the girls begin to show great affection for him. After all, he is now a rich bridegroom. Nemorino, perceiving this as the effect of the magical potion, is greatly encouraged.
Dulcamara is pleasantly surprised. It seems that the contents of his bottles really turned out to be magical. Should he offer some to Adina? But the girl refuses: she does not need the services of a doctor; she relies on her own charms. And now she prepares to use them on Nemorino. After Dulcamara tells her about the fellow’s sacrifice for love, she finally appreciates the strength and sincerity of his feelings, capable of not only touching her, but also evoking a feeling of love in response.
Adina buys Nemorino's voucher from Belcore: the money is returned to the sergeant, and the young man is free. Nemorino is swept with joy when he hears that the proud beauty loves him and agrees to marriage. The peasants tell the lucky fellow more news: he is now the owner of a large inheritance.
Sergeant Belcore is not sad for long - there are many other women in the world. And Dulcamara, convincing everyone that it was only thanks to the love potion the lovers connected, quickly sells his elixir and leaves a hospitable village.
Peasants joyfully welcome the young couple.