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Opera in 2 acts
Beginning: 19.05.2021 - 19:00
Completion: 21:45
Sung in Italian
La Cenerentola
Gioachino Rossini
La Cenerentola
Libretto by J. Ferretti.
A joint Ukrainian-Italian art project.
Іn cooperation with the Embassy of Italy in Ukraine
the Italian Cultural Institute in Ukraine.
Premiered on the stage of the Kyiv Opera on June 24, 2010.
Act 1
Morning at the house of Don Magnifico. Clorinda and Tisbe are busy in the morning toilet, while Cinderella, as always, is busy with the housework, singing a song.
Alidoro, the tutor of Prince Don Ramiro, appears. Having dressed as a beggar, he is looking for a worthy bride for his master. Clorinda and Tisbe are rude to him. Only Cinderella gives the guest something to eat. Alidoro is touched by the girl’s kindness.
Suddenly, heralds appear who report that Prince Don Ramiro is going to get married and will soon come here to invite Don Magnifico and his daughters to the ball, where he will choose his future wife. Clorinda and Tisbe are very happy and excited - everyone expects to win the heart of the prince. Don Magnifico himself is also very pleased - if Don Ramiro chooses one of his daughters, he will be able to improve his shaky affairs and become an honorable nobleman. In the house, noisy gatherings for the ball begin.
Meanwhile, Don Ramiro, having learned from the faithful Alidoro that he will find his ideal woman and wife in the house of Don Magnifico, comes to the house of the baron, dressed in the outfit of his valet Dandini. He decides to make sure of everything. After listening to the sad story of Cinderella, the prince is struck by her sincerity, charm and kindness.
Following the dressed up Don Ramiro, Dandini appears in the house with his retinue, in the prince’s luxurious outfit, who he claims to be. With feigned admiration, scattering in insincere compliments, he invites Don Magnifico and his daughters to today's ball. Cinderella also wants to go to the ball and asks her stepfather to take her with him. But Don Magnifico is relentless and even furious, presently giving off Cinderella as an insignificant and insolent servant. Responding to Alidoro’s claim that there is another sister in the family, according to the cadaster, he comes up with a “touching” story about the untimely death of his third daughter.
When everyone goes to the ball, Alidoro, comforting the disappointed Cinderella, promises to take her to the prince's palace, taking care of the outfits and jewelry for her.
The palace of Prince Don Ramiro. In the luxurious parlor are: Dandini, dressed as the prince, Don Ramiro in a valet costume, Don Magnifico, Clorinda and Tisbe. In order to better get better acquainted with the sister-candidates for brides Dandini jokingly appoints Don Magnifico as the chief royal cupbearer and sends him to the wine cellar, where he immediately begins to celebrate his "honorary appointment" in the company of the courtiers. Meanwhile, the sisters begin to actively implement their father’s plan for the conquest of the "prince."
Dandini tells his master his own conclusions about the greed, hopeless stupidity, and mischief of both daughters of Don Magnifico and advises him to refrain from these candidates: “Probably, the wise Alidoro was mistaken this time”. The rival sisters appear, who are struggling to please the apparent prince, making advances and flirting with him. But Dandini, arguing that he cannot marry both sisters at once, offers them a backup alternative - marriage to his "faithful servant" and friend, referring to the prince in disguise. The offer by both sisters is perceived with disgust and indignation.
Meanwhile, the ball is in full swing. Suddenly, Alidoro announces the arrival of an unfamiliar lady. It is Cinderella. The elegant dress and jewelry made her unrecognizable and beautiful. She was immediately surrounded by a crowd of suitors. The beauty of the stranger, very much resembling Cinderella, causes envy within Clorinda, Tisbe and Don Magnifico. Still, the sisters do not despair, they are confident in their victory - the imaginary prince, and this is the disguised Dandini, though his attention was drawn by the mysterious stranger, he did not cease to compliment the sisters.
Guests are called to the table. After dinner, the bride must finally be chosen.
Act 2
Disguised as a servant, Prince Don Ramiro appears in the living room. He is seriously alarmed: it seems that Dandini, the real servant, is also in love with Cinderella. Seeing Dandini and Cinderella approaching, Don Ramiro hides and watches them.
Dandini confesses his feelings to Cinderella. Cinderella, who thinks Dandini is the prince, still rejects his courtship, because her heart belongs to another. Her chosen one is the humble servant of the prince. Don Ramiro, who heard all this, is filled with joy. Now Cinderella wants to test her lover's feelings. She gives him a bracelet - if Don Ramiro loves her, then with this bracelet he will find her. Without explaining anything else, the mysterious stranger leaves the palace.
Don Ramiro orders everyone to gather in search of Cinderella. Faithful Alidoro has already come up with a ploy, thanks to which there will be an “accidental meeting” of the lovers: the prince’s carriage will break down in front of the house of Don Magnifico.
Meanwhile, Don Magnifico himself, not knowing anything about what has happened, persistently asks the supposed prince Dandini to name his chosen one. In response, Dandini only laughs, revealing who he really is. A scandalous scene of explanation ensues. Having finally understood how he had been deceived, Don Magnifico, gasping with rage, was ready to smash the whole world. Dandini shows the angry baron to the door.
Again at the house of Don Magnifico. The angry owner returns with his depressed daughters. Seeing Cinderella, who, as always, sits in a dark corner, they continue to wonder who this mysterious lady was who appeared at the prince's ball.
A thunderstorm begins. Through the sound of rain and peals of thunder, one can hear someone knocking on the door. Dandini comes up to the house. Already as a servant of the prince, he reports that Don Ramiro’s carriage has broken down in front of the baron’s house. Following Dandini, appears Don Ramiro - the real prince. Seeing the same bracelet on Cinderella’s hand, he declares her his bride. The future elopers leave the house of Don Magnifico.
Clorinda and Tisbe are in despair. Alidoro advises them to ask forgiveness from their half-sister: knowing the kind heart of Cinderella, he is sure that she will forgive them.