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Comic ballet in 2 acts
Beginning: 16.11.2021 - 19:00
Completion: 21:00
The Marriage Of Figaro
W. A. Mozart
The Marriage Of Figaro

Libretto by Viktor Yaremenko, Yuri Stanishevsky based on the opera of the same name by W.A. Mozart.

Musical edition and composition by Oleksiy Baklan.




Act 1
Scene 1
Morning. A servant cleans the halls in the castle of Count Almaviva. Figaro appears - the valet of the Count with his beloved Susanna, the maid of the Countess. This couple, as always, makes boring everyday work into entertainment. They dream of getting married, but the Count does not consent to their marriage, because he himself is not indifferent to Susanna.
The Count appears to give orders to his servants, but when he sees Susanna, he immediately forgets about everything. However, the handmaids are indifferent to the master's flirting. Susanna is only worried about one thing, how to outsmart the Count in order to marry Figaro!
The Countess, who looks after the young couple, is looking for a way out of a confusing situation for Figaro and Susanna. The page Cherubino, in love with the Countess, sweepingly arrives in the hall. But for the Countess he is only the embodiment of her unrealized maternal feelings.
Servants set the table. Infuriated and annoyed, Almaviva feels a bit like a servant.
The music teacher, gossiper, and schemer Don Basilio is trying to please the fishing lovers, the strange housekeeper Marcellina with her young lover, doctor Bartolo, for who she is ready to fulfill any ageless whim - for him, her beloved! With the words of Don Basilio, to the sounds of his barrel organ in this very place - a fish gets caught on the hook perfectly! All are captivated with fishing, but there are no coins left! Without a magical tune, it is no fun to waste time. Bartolo catches Marcellina once more, so she scolds him.
Scene 2
Don Basilio, Bartolo, and Marcellina appear in one of the parks of the castle. Basilio hurries to the kitchen in order to cook the caught fish. Marcellina, sunburned, decides to take a nap and sees a strange dream, where her beautiful dreams are fulfilled: she is a ballerina, and beside her is her debtor and beloved, Figaro. Now the dream has ended and Marcellina is annoyed that Bartolo is once more with her. And how wonderful it was in the dream. She danced, she was applauded... And what is this now?! Why would she want this fried fish? How much she would give to go back to her dream, to be with Figaro just a little while longer!
She decides that the Count can help her in this. But where is he?
Scene 3
The Countess's bedroom. She is very sad. The count is cheating on her - he has completely lost his head: caring for Susanna and trying to prevent her wedding with Figaro. Yes, and he is also jealous of the Countess to the wonderful little Cherubino, who only gives her the joy of maternal feelings.
Susanna appears and informs the Countess that her favorite wants to visit, her “child” - Cherubino! Let him come, the Countess has prepared a gift for him - a ribbon. How many emotions this little boy brings with him!
Almaviva’s suspicions destroy everything, and the Countess is on the verge of a grand scandal. Don Basilio tracked down Cherubino and told the Count everything. Passions inflame!
The Countess hides Cherubino behind a screen, but the Count immediately notices the uneasiness in her behavior. He is sure: here is the chance to expose the betrayal of his wife and finally a reason to send the insolent young boy into the army. Nimble and clever, Susanna imperceptibly replaces Cherubino behind the screen.
The Count is confused and forced to apologize to the Countess for his suspicions. To settle yet another family scandal, he gives her a luxurious dress. Marcellina, Bartolo, Don Basilio, and soon Figaro appear at the commotion that came from such an event. Taking advantage of the friendly mood of the Count, Figaro asks permission to marry Susanna. But Marcellina is against it, who vowed to not give up her desired beloved and debtor.
The Count’s head ached. This is a reason to postpone the wedding. Everyone is preparing to leave the hall and suddenly the screen behind which Cherubino was hiding falls!
Act 2
Clamor, noise, chase!
Marcellina insists that Count Almaviva convene a court, believing that his decision can make her happy. And she will provide the evidence against the treacherous Figaro!
Scene 4
The Count sends Cherubino to join the army, and Marcellina sues Figaro, who borrowed money and wrote the following: “I, Figaro, take a loan from Signora Marcellina. I pledge to return the sum or marry her. ” Figaro and Susanna ask everyone to lend them the necessary amount. Almaviva is relentless. Susanna's beloved must marry Marcellina. Figaro decides to give Marcellina the most expensive thing he has - his mother’s golden family medallion, which she donned on the newborn. Upon seeing the medallion, Marcellina faints. Figaro is their son with Bartolo, stolen by robbers as a baby.
Marcelina is happy. Now everyone is begging the Count to allow the marriage of Figaro and Susanna. But Almaviva is in no hurry to say his word.
Military service and drills frustrate the young page. Figaro, Susanna, and the Countess come to console Cherubino. The Countess is generous as always. She brought Cherubino his favorite toy as a gift - a skipping rope. And not only him, but all the other soldiers.
Scene 5
The garden in the castle of Count Almaviva. In the inseparable trinity - Figaro, Susanna, and the Countess - was born another plan to laugh at the Count and get permission to celebrate the wedding.
Susanna writes a note to the Count inviting him on a date, and exchanges outfits with the Countess.
The Count is happy. Finally, things are going the way he wants. The main thing is to quietly get to the appointed meeting place. Almaviva, not suspecting anything, confesses his love of the Countess, disguised as Susanna. She had not experienced this passion from her husband in a long time. But suddenly the Count notices a couple very similar to Figaro and Susanna nearby. And who is next to him? The Countess! The venture was a success.
Servants are gathering, everyone is asking for the blessing of the marriage of Figaro and Susanna. To make amends, the Count agrees.
Everyone is hurrying to the wedding.
Scene 6
Even Cherubino’s military unit arrives at the wedding festivities. Lucky Figaro, happy Susanna, happy Countess, happy Marcellina. Even Almaviva is happy...